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VA Compensation Course 101

To get the fastest, most accurate claims decision, collect and submit the following evidence along with online application: 


1.  Private health care:  It’s important to collect and send all relevant private medical records.  This reduces the time it takes VA to request and wait for these documents from a private physician.


2.   Statements from friends and family:

  • These optional statements may be useful to describe when onset of disability, details about the injury or event that caused disability (if they were there and saw it), and the disability’s impact on the veteran.  These types of statements are especially helpful if the disability or event or injury that caused the disability is not recorded in your military records.


3.    Personal statements:  While VA and VSOs stand by ready to assist, both need to hear from the veteran why he/she believes they should be service-connected, especially if the incident or condition is not recorded in military records.














Once data is collected all supporting evidence, log back into eBenefits and upload all documents. There is no limit to number of documents that can be upload, but each file must be 5 megabytes or smaller (about 150 black and white pages at 300 resolution).  Once verified that there is no more evidence, VA can start processing claim right away. If veteran is to submit more evidence after claim has been submitted, VA will remove claim from the FDC program and process it through regular channels.

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