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VA Compensation Course 101

Advantages of DBQ


1.  DBQs help make the claims process more efficient and thus, allow for quicker decisions on disability claims.

2.  Allows the veteran to use an evaluator of his/her choice.

3.  Using a DBQ may sometimes allow for bypassing compensation and pension evaluation.

4.  Access to over 70 DBQs forms addressing most health related issues.



Who Should I Get to Fill Out My DBQ?


It is in the best interest of each veteran to use a licensed health care professional he/she has a good rapport with.  Assuming you have a good rapport with your healthcare provider, he/she is more likely to provide information the DBQ that will support your disability claim.


The following are potentially good sources for completing a veterans’ DBQ:


1.  VA Primary care physician

2.  VA Physician Assistant

3.  VA Nurse

4.  VA Psychologist

5.  Vet Center counselor

6.  Civilian psychologist

7.  Civilian psychiatrist

8.  Civilian nurse

9.  Civilian counselor

10.  Civilian chiropractor













It is important for the veteran to understand that using a favorable healthcare provider who will assist in helping the veteran obtain benefits is crucial.  Any veteran who has a lukewarm relationship with a healthcare provider may want to seriously consider using a healthcare provider who is more supportive in helping the veteran obtain benefits.  Always ask a healthcare provider if they will help by completing a DBQ.  Just presenting a DBQ to a healthcare provider unannounced may lead to rejection or procrastination on the part of the healthcare provider.



Getting DBQ Completed


There are a number a ways a healthcare professional can provide veterans with a completed DBQ and the information needed.  The VA makes it convenient in allowing a healthcare professional to either fax information, scan it and/or email it, or simply mail DBQ to VA.  Some veterans have been successful in providing healthcare professionals with self-addressed stamped envelopes so that the healthcare professional can simply place DBQ in envelope and seal and mail via USPS.