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Veteran Complaint Board

Hypertension/High blood pressure.  Army Veteran - AM.  10/13/21

I would like to know why the VA is dragging their feet on approving claims for High blood pressure/ Hypertension. Studies that the VA has had done were completed and it was shown that the condition was related to Agent Orange
Desired Outcome: I would like the VA to come out and truthfully state why adding this condition to the presumptive list for Agent Orange. I will not accept that money is the issue.


Benefits.  Air Force Veteran - MR.  10/13/21

I spent 11 years on appealing to the Waco Regional Office and all of it was Denial of service connected. Appealed to the BVA, they remanded it back, but what they said was on the 6 NODs that they Regional Office were incompetent in the findings. This was on the remand they sent back to VBA. Imagine how many gave up and not knowing if the Veteran did have service connected. VBA just didn?t do there job.
Desired Outcome: To have those removed because they don't serve the Veterans.


Wait Time.  Navy Veteran - GH.  10/13/21

Checked in as required. Waited 3 (three) hours and checked in again. Waited 2.5 hours more before being called in for treatment.
Desired Outcome: Advise patients estimated wait time for treatment.


Non Responsive.  Army Veteran - WJS.  9/9/21

In 2016 after experiencing thirty-three Radiation Treatments and fourteen Chemotherapy Treatments, I wrote letters to the Director, Assistant Director, Director of Speciality Medicine and to three of the four Patients Advocates assigned to the Captain James Lovell Federal Health Care Center located in North Chicago, Illinois to complain about the inadequate medical treatment I had received from the ENT doctors working there. I had been referred to these doctors as a result of the CT scans and MRI my primary care nurse had ordered for me as I complained about extreme pressure in my head which had been president since early 2011. Fortunately, in early 2015 I sought a second opinion at my former medical facility and was immediately given a referral to see an ENT Doctor who actually examined me by placing a scope into my nasal passage to look into my head. He then sent me downstairs to have a CT Scan done. On the following Monday, the doctor's staff member called me at home to inform me that the doctor needed to see me that day in his office. After arriving at his office the doctor informed me that I had Mass growing in my head and that he had scheduled me for surgery that Friday. However, I needed to take a stress test on Wednesday. On Friday I went into surgery and came home that same day. On the following Tuesday, the Doctor called me and while apologizing for the method of information, informed me that the mass was cancerous and needed to be addressed immediately. I received back to back calls from two doctors and was given back to back appointments. I spent the rest of 2015 fighting Stage 3 Nasopharyngeal Cancer. Finally, in October 2020 I was given the All Clear sign that the cancer was gone. I never received a response from any of the individuals that I wrote letters to and that includes the Inspector General of the Veterans Administration. Had I received a











letter of apology from any one of the referenced individuals noted above, my opinion of the Veterans Administration would not be that it is just a group of lazy government workers failing to provide medical services to Combat Veterans like myself. I feel that what was done to me was criminal and none of the people that were in charge cared enough to even reach out to me.
Desired Outcome: An acknowledgement that I was maltreated and an apology for not responding to my legal requests.


Service Connected Compensation.  Air Force Veteran - CAG.  9/9/21

My depression has made it impossible to work. I get full payment at 100% service connection rates however am rated at 90% not affording me full benefits that I deserve.
Desired Outcome: To be rated 100% service connected.


Community Care.  Marine Corps Veteran - STS.  Date:  9/7/21

I do not understand why the VA only approves treatment for 6 months at a time.  We should be covered until the ongoing issue is resolved. In my case, my heart valve is being monitored and an aneurism also. Now my aeorta is blocked and need surgery but my time us up and I have to go thru the same process again to get approval for an extension for further treatment.

Desired Outcome: Once you are approved and outsourced to a physican you should remain covered until the issue is solved.


Independent Living Program.  Army Veteran - GRB.  Date:  9/5/21

I applied and was accepted into the ILP program last year. I spoke with my counselor who advised me that I would receive a call from someone to do my assessment.  I did the assessment and was told my counselor would call me.  After 7 months, with many emails and left messages I finally received a callback.  We went over my plan and what will be recommended and submitted.  My counselor told me she would give me a call once everything was finalized.  Seven months later, after many messages left and emails sent, I contacted the VA Hotline and spoke to a VRE representative that handles questions, I got a call back. I was I formed that there had been a lot of changes and I has to start all over again. I received a call for and completed yet another assessment and here it is almost 3 months and after emails and messages no response from my counselor. I understand that ther are a lot of people who also participate in this program but I should at the very least get some type of response. Here it is a year and a half latter and I am still waiting.
Desired Outcome: I need to get the items that will allow me to function not only in the community but also in my home.  











Finance.  Army Veteran - JZA.  Date:  6/21/21

A decision was made on my request for IUEMP in Jan 2021. I received payment except for 23000 which was withheld for the attourny Jan Dill. only that attourny had been take off the case back in 20018 long before this claim was submitted. The Jan Dill office sent a letter releasing any claim to the 23k and I was promised the money by the 16 of June2021 when the next checks were to be paid.. I still have not received the direct depositew of the 23l to my account. It has now been 6 months that my money has been hanging in "limbo".
Desired Outcome: The immediate deposit of my funds $23614.37 into my checking account


VA Provided Phone.  Air Force Veteran - LG.  Date:  6/18/21

My VA Iron Mountain - Rhinelander CBOC eRange provider had her VA phone die over a week ago.


She is still awaiting a replacement from the VA!


There is absolutely no excuse that a new phone can not be provided via overnight delivery.


Not providing an immediate phone replacement for a Health Professional is frustrating to the Provider and even more so for the veteran. The veteran may think they're being ignored and thus become a statistic because they have no knowledge of the contact problem!


This is unprofessional and unethical!

Desired Outcome:  Provide VA Providers overnight phone replacement when required.


Denied.  Army Veteran - OEJ.  Date:  6/1/21

I have been trying for going on 9 years to get my VA claim approved they no I have a justified claim but because I didn't file after I got out of the army in 1969 I didn't know I could file a claim and besides after being denied medical treatment by the veteran hospital for any help for what I was suffering with I like thousands of other veteran just was past on.
Desired Outcome: I need the veteran administration to do wright by me and approve my claim.











No Help C & P.  Army Veteran - EMH.  Date:  5/31/21

The VA in CT says that I withdrew a claim for thumb issues, anxiety and anger management in April 2020 but the VA has given me a rating for my thumb and I was able to get seen for anxiety and anger management in December of 2020. In April 2021 they gave me a decision for my thumb but completely ignored the anxiety and anger management aim . They can see what the Dr. wrote for my anxiety and anger management claim but I can not see it in my medical record. I have contacted west Haven and newington VA advocate and of course no luck. I contacted district 2 VA advocate with an email, phone message and secretary message and nothing. Now since its been over a month I have to make a new claim. The evidence I have I cant even view cause I don't have the privilege for that file. What they can see is when they sent me another persons claim for C&P using my name but wrong ssn and c&p info. They see that in the file but there's no evidence or paperwork or verbal confirmation on me canceling a claim.
Desired Outcome: I would like some help. I would like an email and call back. I also would like a decision on my anxiety and anger management claim that I have been waiting for over a year to get a decision


Closed VA Clinic.  Army Veteran - RM.  Date:  5/26/21

The VA clinic in Carrollton ky has been closed since the Covid pandemic began. This forces southern Indiana and some northern KY vets to drive further than normal.  Some have to go to Scottsburg Indiana, others have to travel to Louisville KY.  These are both a distance away for many.
Desired Outcome:  Reopen the Carroll county VA clinic, the crisis is over.











Care Is 3 to 6 Months Out.  Army Veteran - RLS.  Date:  5/23/21

The Seattle VA is so miss manged that I can not receive care in any regards with in a reasonable amount of time.  My primary care team and mental health team have said there is nothing  that I can do to receive any care in a quicker time frame.  3 to 6 months for mental health care and physical care is unacceptable. Veterans are literally dying while waiting just to talk to their doctor.
Desired Outcome: Fix the system.  The organization leaders of the VA should be held accountable for how terrible things are at the VA.


Comp Regulations.  Army Veteran - MCN.  Date:  5/23/21

I had several comp & pension exams in the 1980's and 1990's. The examiners always agreed with my claim but the VA took it on their themselves to over rule these opinions, that they requested, and denied my claims anyway. I later was granted 100% on these claims; But never got compensation until many years later.  With no back pay to the date of these C&P exams.  My VA lawyer Mr. Smith; who almost wrote the early COVA books said;  "wait until they change the laws so they must give credit to their C&P examiners over unsubstantiated opinions substituted by the VA." He has since passed away;  "may he rest in peace . . ."
Desired Outcome: Has the law changed; or can this situation be righted in any way?











Caregiver.  Navy Veteran - JJM.  Date:  5/22/21

Filed claim for caregiver and was turned down. No letter was sent to me so I can not appeal. I need the letter of denial so I may appeal and see if I can get some services.
Desired Outcome: Get the letter of denial.


Return Calls.  Army Veteran - PT.  Date:  5/11/21

Because of the distance needed to travel to Lyons, my Dad moved his Primary to Piscataway. They should be reprimanded for not returning calls promptly. My Dad has needed attention to an injury & direction as to where to go. No response from his Primary for over 10 days! He needs attention again today. He needs an MRI, however the answer is always delayed as to where to go & they insist on an XRay first. PISCATAWAY should be looked into. They are not servicing the patient and waiting 10 days for help,....someone could die!
Desired Outcome: Help from Customer Relations. I'm a one woman show on a vertical ladder of a learning curve. I need direction as to who to contact for his care. I get the Automated Voicemail Run Around when I Call any number associated with the VA.


Phone Call.  Navy Veteran - JW.  Date:  5/3/21

You call clinic to speak to nurse or schedule. Get a message we will call back within 24-48 hours. What moron will sit and wait for a call back for that long.  YOU miss the call you are SOL.
Desired Outcome: 2 hour max for call back.