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Veterans Benefits Up For Elimination

USVCP Staff Writers

December 17, 2018


A newly released report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has once again made several suggestions on reducing the national budget, and some of the budget cuts would affect over 240,000 disabled veterans.  According to many budget pundits, it appears the cuts will take place starting in 2020.


The new CBO report proposes dropping over 240,000 disabled veterans from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Individual Unemployability (IU) compensation program by 2020.  The cuts could save $47.6 billion in the next 10 years.


The CBO report indicated that eliminating veterans from IU once they reach age 67 would be appropriate and cost-worthy, since those veterans would be eligible for Social Security benefits by that age.  The CBO report also maintains that veterans enrolled in IU currently could remain on IU, but, apply the new mandate for all new recipients who gain IU compensation after December 2019.












The CBO report also considers elimination VA compensation for: arteriosclerotic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, multiple sclerosis (MS), osteoarthritis and uterine fibroids.


Another option consider by CBO is to reduce veterans’ disability compensation by 30% once they reach age 67.  The CBO also suggested ending VA payments to veterans with disability ratings of 30% or lower for any condition.


Lastly, none of the current CBO suggestions have been approved.  However, inside analysts are certain, some, if not all of the CBO suggestions will be implemented as a means of trimming the budget.

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Jack Maloney, 4/19/22

This comment is to the stupid person who is blaming the current administration. If you take off.your blinders you will see this was from 2019, when the former administration was wholly in charge. But you keep worshipping the administration that considers Putin and Kim Jung Un great leaders.


Leo Consigliero, 9/12/21

It's called congressional budget office the work for Congress nor the President. Any cuts in va budget would have to come from congress.


Joe Mig, 7/15/21

As a disabled veteran, I want to remind all of the stupid veterans out there that first, these recommendations were made by the Democrat controlled congress. Second, that Trump is no longer the president. Third, any cuts will be made by the Biden administration. Finally, the Democrats always blame the other side when they do stuff like this to the veterans. Just saying.


Arthur Scott, 10/22/20

This would literally make me homeless.


Jeff Larson, 9/15/20
The Trump administration said he "Would take care of Veterans". I didn't think this is what he meant. I guess if the VA was to line his pockets or make a political "Contribution", maybe we Disabled Veterans could keep our payments. How about just getting the rich to pay their fair share of taxes instead of cutting them? How about that DON.


Michael Sierzega, 9/1/20

How dare that piece of Bald Blubber attack the People that fought to save this Country, if he is such a Big man where was He. some of these fellows spine are shot out , or they have no Legs, he is doing this because he Knows that they can't fight Back so he is going to take advantage of them, is he willing to support these men. If not mind your own Business.


Alvin Hackett, 8/26/20
I need to work am currently 60 % military connected disabled do to back and neck disabilities cannot. I even went to pima college to add to my cannon of knowledge but have limits do to age and experience in the new start. I am a registered tool and die maker and moved into field machining taking what ever wage and title in that field. With my cervical and lumbar disabilities am unable to preform in reliability and strength. I am 73 and well educated but still need to supplement my income. The help from my disability mitigates the loss of income. I have worked for Siemens, BP, Georgia power, Alon corp as well as delaware city power. then took six applied science classes to establish my self in metrology to no avail. Working is a need now you want to take it away. I wish you would reconsider.


Jim Brewer, 7/4/20

I suppose they didnt think about what happens when millions of Veterans and their supporters let their voting power be known. Disabled Veterans are a large voting demographic which has the support of most Non Disabled Veterans and family members. 30 million or so voting for something , someone or several things is pretty powerful. If I were a elected official I would seriously think about how bad it could get if I were to anger such a large voting population.


Tonya King, 2/11/20

How unfairly the disabled veterans are being treated!


Albert Baca, 1/20/20
Another idea that the CBO and Trump administration is proposing is taxing veterans compensation. Trump made a promise to his base to build that stupid wall and he needs money. But didn't he state that Mexico would pay for it? His lies are hurting veterans and nobody seems to care about that. We need to march in Washington and demand that veteran benefits and disability compensation are to be left alone. Where are the VFW's and American Legion on this? We need to hear from all veteran groups on where they stand, with veterans or the Trump administration.


Robert Roldan, 12/26/19
I think these CBO politicians are trying to get their salaries increase by cutting the va unemployability benefits. Shame on you politicians I believe that you're trying to rob us disabled veterans. We're there fighting the war while you politicians and your family is having picnic here in America.


Steve Urnowey, 12/18/19
I find It interesting that the Government goes for the Vets .but not the spending on the wasted pork that ids listed every year not to mention the automatic raise that you give to your selfs each year.


Monte Wilson, 12/16/19

Nothing in my contract to serve said a thing about age. Nothing in my contract to serve limited what service connected disabilities deserved compensation.


Charles Lopez, 10/26/19
Doing this or attemping to with our unemployability has gotten me to where I'm about at the end of my rope. What we recieve from our leaders in Washington is for the sacrafices we made 50 years ago. Go bark up some other tree, at the rate we are dying, we will be gone soon enough.


Gary Meador, 9/23/19
I would attend a march on Washington to protest the erosion of veterans benefits. Just need the support of veterans organizations to put it together.


Jamie Swidecki, 9/23/19

Reducing unemployability would finish me off.


Robert Primeaux, 9/7/19
All of these elimilnaitons are the result of Trump's team at Mar-A-Lago. These people have no business telling the VA what to eliminate.  I'm 100% Service-Connected Permanent and Total Disabled Vietnam Veteran. There are now a lot of us Veterans who have the highest VA disability rating, we should not have to pay property taxes in the state we live in. There are 17 states that allow Veterans with this high VA disability rating to not pay property taxes. This is because we are on a fixed income and when our property taxes go up every year we have to make serious adjustments what not to pay such as a car payment, mortgage payment, this problem goes on and on every year. So, please help us Veterans with our high disability rating to not pay property taxes in the state we live in. Thank you.


David Mell, 9/7/19
One is put in danger through the military, promised everything, and the government pulls everything they can away! Promised 100% free medical and many others. I am beginning to dislike the government but will always love my country!


Anderson Thompson, 8/11/19
If the CBO try to take away benefits men and women of the armed forces, why should we fight for a country who don't give a damn about their people who has served and made great sacfrice for their family by missing birthday etc and who was on the battlefield who might lose their mind due to war or anything else include those who loss their lives. Why CBO betrayal the trust of the men and women of the armed forces. We put our lives on the line each day and at the end of our services all we get is benefits being cut. We cant trust our own country to do us right in our time of need this crazy to hurt the people who serve this great country of ours.


Albert Morrow, 8/11/19
I've been monitoring this event for many months now. My question is when will it be approved and on what date will it actually take place? Some veterans that are 100 P&T have received IU letters saying they are basically on notice or being reviewed. The lost of IU will have a snowball effect dropping these veterans below the 100%, effecting ChampVA benefits. property taxes, all of the freebee they receive when they were at 100%, etc.


Rodger McDonald, 8/11/19
Don't mess with us veterans.


Daniel Devine, 8/6/19
This would be a betrayal to all veterans who are unable to work and have sacrificed so much for their country.

Thomas Miller, 7/30/19
At age 67...then to reduce a "Veteran's Disability by 30% is "A Slap in the Face to ANY AND ALL Veterans...What is the VA trying to do?...Kill Veteran's over the age of 67 my reducing their fixed income and releasing the VA of their RESPONSIBILITY"?...SOUNDS LIKE IT TI ME...I encourage ALL VETERANS to Contact their State House Reps and State Senator, to include the "National Committee for VA"...and put the Political Gears to Work....and maybe the "Office" who came up with this idea, needs to look at "Themselves" and 'Start Trimming the FAT OFF their OWN DEPARTMENT"...In other words, "We, Veteran's Pay Your Salaries to "CUT" our Benifits...I hope President Trump takes a HARD LOOK AT YOUR BUDGETS...


Remember what happened what the Government did during the "Bonus March" on Washington D.C. after the WAR and Killed ALL those Suffering Veteran's then...American needs to read the truth after how We as Veteran have been treated...AMERICA AND VETERAN..."FIND OUT THE OU5 COM3 OF 5HE 'BONUS WAR"...You will be AMAZED"!


Jeff Duncan, 7/30/19
Veterans are as confused as any. One person said this somehow related to liberals. This is a trump Administration idea. The upper House of Congress is controlled by Mitch McConnell. You cannot have tax cuts for the rich, an unbalanced national budget, and constant use of the military without something to pay for it. The best way is to reduce spending and an easy target is spending for the VA and veterans. People need to think about who they vote for. Too many are in national government who never served in the armed forces and this is what you get Draft Dodgers reducing benefits for those who served. It is easy to say 'thank you for your service' but another thing to prove you care. It takes money and no one wants to pay. Maybe there should be a March and Camp in at the National Mall like the WWI veterans did when they did not get their promised bonuses. Veterans have to stop calling each other names and blaming everyone but those who are causing our collective discomfort. The Senate and the White House are controlled by the REPUBLICANS not liberals not Democrats. Those who control call the shots. Direct your attention where it will do something and don't whine but take action or you lose. Think about a March on Washington by and for veterans.












Ronald Christopher, 7/27/19
You want to refuse help for the veterans who served this nation so you can give it to the illegals. Interesting. Try cutting Congressional pay. They don't do anything anyway. Stop foreign aide. It don't help the people. Stop retirement money for Congressmen/women. The constitution says nothing about retirement pay for Congress. If a congressman is campaigning for a higher office, let him resign from the one he holds.


Robert Sylvester, 7/7/19
What amazes me, the country wants to cut our benefits to trim the VA the budget, but not cut the foreign aid, provide increased funds for illegal aliens, and provide members of congress a pension after 12 years. We as veterans enforce national policies, although we not agree, travel to many foreign lands and contract whatever, provide the security and safety for our country and do what we have to do for our country and whatever unit we are assigned to. But lets cut the VA budget, we military types do not deserve it. Yes, soon we will be marching on DC. We veterans are a powerful force.


Monte Wilson, 7/6/19

Cut benefits and reduce or eliminate IU or any other benefit and see you in court.  Libs will stop at nothing. I went when called. Lets leave money at home and not at the border.


James Kurinsky, 6/8/19
Eliminating benefits for disability ratings under 30% is inhumane and should be summarily dismissed. It is a cruel despicable move. Shame on the CBO.


John Johnson, 6/8/19
U Rat B****** better leave our benefits alone!!! We earned everything we get!!!!!


Dennis Ratcliffe, 6/7/19
They are not considering if a veteran can't work for say twenty or thirty years that's money they are not paying into SS so their benefit would be very small.


Donald Moore, 5/28/19
Thought Congress was suppose to make things better for Veterans not harder. When Congress starts to live on Social Security then they will change there mine. We don't get our salary for life. 


William Napoli, 5/28/19

This will destroy my financial well-being & I'll lose everything.


Robert Sylvester, 5/15/19
As a retired and disabled Veteran...the cuts in the budget we see is always attacking veterans benefits, pay, medical, and many other areas. We enforce the nations policies regardless if we individually disagree with them. Yes...we did volunteer, but promises were made back in 1977 and we see more cuts affecting the veterans. DOD needs to look at this, as it is going to affect their recruiting in the future, they rely of veteran dependents, but our dependents see what their dad and mom's are going thru as this affect their decision to either enlist or re-enlist. Congress needs to look at themselves as they get richer, we get less and less benefits or threatened they will be taken away. Many do not see what we go through to keep our nation strong and it puts a toll on our body, mind, and soul. You want to rim the budget Washington? Look at where our overseas money is going, what good is it doing, and at times it is the same country we are serving. A march it is, but it needs to be at least 75 per cent of the veterans participating to send a clear message and for that message to mean anything. WE NEED TO STAND UP!! Time is now as the 2020 elections is approaching, write our congressional member's and see where they stand and not only in our voting district, but all. All VFW's must coordinate if this is going to happen.


David Mell, 5/15/19

Worthless people who want to destroy what veterans have had happen to their bodies. We did what they told us to do and now they want to take away anything they can! Destroy veteran benefits and there will be one heck of a lot of veterans upset and looking for a way to make things right!


William Key, 4/29/19
How about we put term limits on congress and stop their retirement and medical plans.


Randy Stamm, 4/15/19
Politicians don't work year round like all other Americans so why should they get a retirement and should have term limits no matter what. Then they should pay taxes just like us the normal folks called veterans. Why should veterans get the short end of the stick here that totally SUCKS. We are not the enemy or the illegals that we pour money into day in and day out.


Floyd Marshall, 2/11/19

I agree with all comments that I have read and is ready for the march on Washington. Our tax dollars should not give a retirement to congressmen that serve 12 or less years and the best health care in this country and they should not receive a pay raise every year and one year congress gave themselves a 25% pay raise. These congressmen are people with professional backgrounds so serve your term and then go work in the profession that you're suited for.


Ernest Lane, 1/19/19

God, what a terrible idea. It would cut my income by a lot. I'm retired, and the retired pay based on base pay is a joke anyway.


Jim King, 1/19/19

The problem with a protest march on Washington maybe distance. I'm on the west coast. Perhaps the most effective way to get the attention of the Senate & Congress is to promise (sell/pay) veteran votes in change for more favorable legislation. But first those votes have to be obtained. How can vets contribute to such a cause? And what formidable nonprofit organization has not burned bridges?


William Barr, 1/17/19

The best way to save money is to quit giving it to other countries. Reduce benefits for non-vets in the gov't. The people who paid for our freedoms with there lives and health are not the one's you steal from to give to unworthy crooks and dictators. This will not effect me but we need to stand for our people who will stand up for our freedom. I hear your refuge program has unlimited funds. SGT USMC OLD DISABLED Vietnam vet. Semper Fi.


Gary Fox, 1/7/19

I am sure that by now, you politicians have already got the message that we veterans strongly hold objection to being displaced further. You have already heard anger, distrust, and rationale pleading from the band of brothers from the last round of options proposed that would screw many disabled vets. If you are able to push through any of these proposals, suggested, you will inherit a minimum of two out comes, a revolution, and a major victory for the enemies of the United States with out them having to fire a shot.  So think about it politicians , we won't cover your backs again.


John Wear, 1/5/19

Our federal government spends billions on supporting so-called "refugees" and other multi-generational welfare grubbers while veterans are singled out. What is wrong with this country?


Harry Bowerman, 1/5/19

There has been..and is, a continued effort to cut funding and payments to veterans, especially from the Right Wing and Trump administration, ( look up the records for congressional VA proposals from 2014 to present for the facts and those making the proposals,..note the past 2 yrs.),.. all while giving HUGE TAX CUTS to the wealthy and Corporations. Those Tax Cuts equate to TRILLIONS of lost revenue to the treasury.. budget shortfalls & deficits!
--First tax cuts--"Subtotal, Rough Cost of Specific Policies..$5.5 trillion-($3 to $7 trillion-20%)..also this..

-- a proposed 2nd round of cuts--"New estimate: GOP's second tax cuts would add $3.8 trillion to deficit. A second round of proposed Republican tax cuts would add an additional $3.2 trillion to the federal deficit over a decade, according to a new report released by a centrist think-tank.Sep 13, 2018"..these are massive budget shortfalls that Trump and crew created and are now trying to make up for it with MORE cuts to Veterans and others. Yes, the current head of the CBO is a Republican named appointee and crony, sorry if ya don't like it! (Keith Hall-2015 named by the GOP Congress. )
Some common sense trimming could be used, of course, but hardly the broad and sweeping cuts they are proposing, which includes a 2 year cap on PTSD comp., saying it makes the vet "dependent on assistance and saps motivation to get better" ! WHAT? Also cuts for those with "sensory loss"..eyesight and hearing! Hey who needs to see and hear, right?












My fellow Veterans,.. if you are tired of this continued onslaught on our earned and deserved benefits and compensation, I have a proposal...a call to action, so to speak.

A fellow Vet has suggested that WE...Veterans..have a protest march on Washington to protest these constant attacks and proposals to CUT our assistance, Compensation, Benefits and pensions. C'mon, they do this while giving HUGE TAX CUTS to those that "need" them the LEAST.

I,..We,..propose that we organize a protest march to let congress, the CBO, the administration and Trump know that we are tired of this and will not stand for it any longer.

There was a "Women's March" (millions), Pro-Life March, LGBQT March, Anti-Gun March, and many more, all of which generated a pretty large turn out.

We are hoping to get about 10,000 ( or more) Vets to march for our benefits, to let congress and the CBO know this is WRONG! Furthermore, it is noted that the Military, Active Duty Personnel and Veterans, thus far, have the support of the majority of the people. We believe that the majority of the people are actually unaware of the MANY cuts being proposed to Veterans services, benefits, pensions and compensation. Would they support THAT?  I have heard many complaints about these proposals at my local VA Hospital and VSO office from other Vets, but the bottom line is.."complaining" won't get a damn thing falls on deaf ears. It is time to DO something...we hope that other vets feel like minded and are willing to DO something,.. like a physical show of force..of numbers.. of Vets, that oppose these constant cuts! Congress and those in positions of "power" need to SEE that we stand together and we are many...and we VOTE!

If those other "Marches" and demonstrations can happen..and have an effect...then WHY can't we have a VETERAN'S MARCH as well? This BS effects us ALL and its time to DO something.


This post is to get a feel for how many vets would support such a demonstration and possibly attend. If enough vets support this, we will start networking to try and get this off the ground, via VFW, DAV, Foreign Legion, VSOs, etc..


Your thoughts on this are vital, so let me know what ya think, give me any ideas you might have as well..criticism/critique included.
Best wishes to you all.












Robert & Stacy Little, 1/5/19

Robert & Stacy Little.


Jerry Perry, 1/2/19

Quit blaming one party or the other for these cuts its the CBO that needs to quit thinking about these numbers. That being said we signed a blank check to the US Government when we went in. They need to suck up all the pay rasies they give themselfs and take care of us that came back with broken down bodys.


Gary Dodds, 1/1/19

The US Goverment could save 10 time that amount of money or even more just by stoping to save the world. Stop sending our people to war.


Larry Bales, 1/1/19

Cut all the FREEBEES that our LAW MAKERS (????) get. Set term limit of 12 years, then go home NOT to become LOBBYIST. GET a JOB. NO FREEBEES FOR ILLEGALS.


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