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Compensation Payments Delayed

By USVCP Staff Writers
October 1, 2019   


Veterans across the nation and their family members who are expecting their monthly compensation checks will have to wait a few days.   The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) sent out a message on a few social media outlets on October 1, 2019, explaining to veterans and dependents about the payment delay.


According to VA, the IT department responsible for issuing compensation payments ran into a few “technical issues.”  There was no explanation of the technical issue, only that thousands of veterans and dependents will be affected.


VA was certain that the issue will be fixed right away and that most veterans and dependents should receive payments no later than October 3, 2019.











VA also reported that the veterans and dependents affected are those had recent modifications  to their pay, such as an increase, and only those who had modifications after September 20, 2019.


If no payment is received veterans and dependents are encouraged to contact their local VA immediately.

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David Mell, 10/5/19

Another example of the stupidity and hypocrisy of the VA! They only want the money! They care nothing about the older vets! An investigations should be made into why so many older vets die before their time!