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Minnesota State Benefits

The state of Minnesota offers a variety of different programs, and services for veterans.


Education Assistance

The State Soldier's Assistance Program (SSAP) provides educational benefits in the form of a one-time grant to veterans who have exhausted their federal benefits, and to war orphans of veterans who died as a result of a service connected injury or disease.  


Minnesota GI Bill

The Minnesota GI Bill program provides postsecondary educational assistance to eligible Minnesota veterans, and to the children and spouses of deceased or severely disabled Minnesota Veterans.  












Financial Assistance

The State Soldier's Assistance Program provides cash assistance in the form of shelter payments (rent and mortgage), utilities, and personal needs (dental and optical) grants to veterans who are unable to work as a result of temporary disability.



The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) offers the LinkVet call center provided by trained staff. During business hours, MDVA staff will provide information on veterans’ benefits, healthcare, education, and reintegration. The line will roll to Crisis Connection counselors for 24-hour, seven days a week coverage (including holidays) for immediate crisis intervention and psychological counseling.


Military Funeral Honors

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) and the Minnesota Army National Guard (ARNG) Military Funeral Honors Coordinator are committed to ensuring veterans receive proper military funeral honors to commemorate their service to the Nation and to assist Veterans Service Organizations in their efforts to provide these honors. A stipend is available to VSO who meet the requirements.


State Veterans Cemetery

The Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery is located in Little Falls, MN  


Tribal Veteran Service Officer (TVSO)

The MDVA Tribal Veterans Services Officer initiative began two years ago with the cooperation of Governmental and Tribal agencies, the Governors office, legislators and Native American Nations. The purpose of the TVSO program is to provide services to a targeted group of traditionally under-served individuals located on Minnesota's Native American Reservations. 


Historically, Native Americans serve in the military at a higher than average rate per capita and yet received benefits at a lower percentage rate. Working with veterans in areas such as Red Lake and Grand Portage, MDVA staff recognized a need for culturally connected service representatives, leading to the development of this program. 


With most of the hiring process completed, training MDVA’s new team members is a priority! Immediately upon employment a TVSO begins a comprehensive training schedule beginning with basic training. Their initial training includes a full overview of veterans benefits, in-depth training on compensation and pension, information providing solid points of contacts for veterans benefits and direct- on-the-job training with experienced senior claims representatives. A second session of advanced basic training is offered to ensure TVSOs have the required veterans benefits knowledge and skills. 


Tribal veterans are already using this service at a steady rate and MDVA’s Claims, Outreach, Fargo and Central Office Divisions are working with this new initiative to ensure its success.  


Veterans Homes

The mission of the Veterans Homes is to oversee and guarantee high-quality health care for veterans and dependents in its care. This commitment is demonstrated by:  












(1) Targeting services to veterans with special needs.

(2) Supporting research and education in geriatrics and long-term care.

(3) Providing a therapeutic environment that encourages resident independence, respects individuality and promotes self-worth and well being. (4) Continuous evaluation of care and services to be responsive to changing needs.

(5) Managing the Veterans Homes with honesty, integrity, and cost effectiveness.

(6) Recognizing employees for their contributions.

(7) Working cooperatively with the medical communities.


Veterans Preference in Employment

The Minnesota Veterans Preference Act (VPA) grants most veterans a limited preference over non-veterans in hiring and promotion for most Minnesota public employment positions. The Minnesota VPA Statutes apply to Minnesota public employment, “civil service laws, charter provisions, ordinances, rules or regulations of a county, city , town, school district, or other municipality or political subdivision of this state.”  


Women Veterans Program

The mission of the Minnesota Women Veterans program is to ensure women veterans have equitable access to federal and state benefits and services. The program ensures response to the gender specific needs of women veterans and that women veterans are treated with dignity and respect













Transportation Benefits

Minnesota truly values its veterans, and in another effort to show gratitude, the Disabled American Veterans of Minnesota has partnered with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) to provide free transportation to and from medical appointments.


The transportation program is literally driven on a volunteer basis, and for more information on how to volunteer as a driver, or to book a ride as a veteran, you can contact the transportation office by following our featured links.


COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant

The COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant provides $1,000 to veterans and their families who have suffered negative financial effects due to COVID-19. The grant is open to all Minnesota resident veterans or their unmarried surviving spouses.  Download application.