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Q69:  I will be 94 soon & need some help to draw up a Will. I called up a Lawyer for the Elderly and he wants to charge me $ 500.00.  Can I get it done for free or at a discount?     

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A1:   Not sure about a regular will, but you can get a living will through the VA for free.  (HO)  6/27/18


A2:  Yes! Free forms are available somewhere-bank ?- or agov. office to fill out.Follow the instructions and keep in a safe place. Make sure a loved one or two know how to find it when you expire!  (RD)  6/27/18


A3:  I am retired from the military and had one drawn up at a local base/post for free. Contact your local VA rep. Good luck.  (MA)  6/27/18


A4:  If you are a veteran in the VA healthcare system, you can get a will done at the VA clinic or hospital in your area.  (AP)  6/27/18













A5:   It depends...try and find a proficient attorney in each state where you own property (both in real estate and financial) knowledgable about changing law (especially "order of succession" for bequests and debts).


I am not sure about free will preparation on board a military installation, eligibility and all that. Costs of preparation vary depending on the amount of property you (or within a Trust) own, as that property needs to be eventually represented both on paper and in probate court, if necessary. Most attorneys with whom I work typically offer will preparation at a reduced cost, if only to service their client and their family with other eventual products, as a "foot in the door." so-to-speak.


Another item to consider--which many attorneys overlook-- is your "digital legacy" (think "web-based" activity, like banks, emails, 401K/IRAs and similar). It all depends on how much you want your executor to know and handle.


Find and copy your DD-214--page4 (it can be placed on your smart phone for ease). Also make a list of VA phone numbers for your family to follow. If you're not married, ensure your will specifies who can retrieve and control your corpus, say, for cremation. Place a copy of all this paperwork--as they're revised-- on a usb flash drive

Hope these ideas help...(RB)  4/10/20


A6:  You should be able to find a basic Will on the internet, look for one that fits your needs. Be sure to have it notarized, and share a copy with someone like your beneficiary or executor you trust.  (MB)  9/15/20