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Q488:  I have had four heart attacks. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune.  Later I did jungle training in Panama. Now I suffer from bad feet and congestive heart failure, and blood clots to my heart. I get no help from my VSO.  I’ve been waiting three years for help and compensation. Please give me advice as to what to do about this horrible situation. 

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A1:   Dump your VSO, hire an Attorney that has experience with Veterans Disability claims if yours has been denied. Otherwise I'd suggest going to a different organization for a VSO. Good Luck.  (SS)  7/31/20


A2:  Keep going back to your vso. Don't wait 3 years, they too have a time line to follow. Never give up.  (EA)  7/31/20


A3:  I am on my 4th or 5th VSO, try to see if your VA doctor will set you up with a VA specialist for an exam. Or you can use your your civilian Doctor, get him to write it up in a way that could help and show it to the VA Doc to get it started. Good luck.  (JD)  7/31/20











A4:  Get a new VSO that knows what is going on. The VA knows that the water at Camp Lejuene was bad and there is a compensation for that and you should qualify for other disabilities.  (RR)  7/31/20


A5:  I have had problems with the VA in the past and usually get some action after I make it a Congressional.  Do not know who your Congress people are but you might try them. One thing for sure, do not stick with your current VSO. You may have to do what another Vet said and go to an Attorney.  (JB)  7/31/20


A6:  If your request for compensaton has gone to the appeals level, there is a good lawyer who does not charge unless he is successful in helping you recieve compensation. His number is as follows: 888-675-9742.  (BK)  8/1/20


A7:  Find an attorney who only does veteran cases. They take a percentage of award, but they navigate the system that saves you and has the experience vets on their own cannot possibly possess. Well worth the %.  (HB)  8/3/20


A8:  my husband is getting VA benefits for his loss of hearing during the war...hearing lost is covered. you must apply and have a hearing test both conditions are covered for benefits. he lost his hearing due to working with planes in Vietnam; noise damaged the nerves in his inner ears ...both ears....hearing aids are covered and doctor visits etc.  (JF)  8/16/20