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Q35:   I had an emergency room visit a couple of months ago to the ER. I'm enrolled in the VA system & cannot afford other medical insurance. The VA paid for some of the ER visit but now the hospital is billing me for another $1100. On the letters the VA sends out after they pay it says paid in full, but am I responsible for whatever the hospital charges beyond that?  

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A1:   That depends on your situation if you did not notify the VA within 48 hours that you were in the emergency room then they have no obligation to pay the bill. If you did notify the VA then they pay the hospital bill but there are doctors bills for attending physicians that are separate from the hospital bill.  (AP)  3/3/18


A2:   In regards to answer 1. You do not owe any doctor bill if the VA paid your bill. They tried this with me and when I notified VA, they paid the bill. I am however, 100%.  (RC)  3/3/18