The hardest thing i ever done was to get my service

connected health issues. it has took me six years

to get to 60 percent service connection, I caught

Tuberculosis while serving in korea, leaving me
a smothering problem that has affected my

General civilian life, and as i have gotten older

at the age of 57,my smothering has gotten worse,

i am now in the process of appealing two claim,

and its been almost a year now and i haveven't

heared from va yet, i wish congress would do

something to help veterns claim get workded faster,

it seem unfair to have to wait so long after all the

medical test are in, but that seem to be how it is

at the present, us vet need to unite and push

congress to help us get treated fair and in a timely

manner in our claim processes, all i can say is

this if you fighting va keep you boxing gloves on

your going to need to believe me, they are a hard

egg to crack...God bless all you fellowvet, and i

hope you get what you deserve according to you

service connected afflictions..God bless america...

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