Vacations For Veterans is a nonprofit organization created to provide recently wounded veterans of the United States Armed Forces with a week of free lodgings donated by a vacation homeowner.

Each wounded veteran faces new challenges: readjusting, rebuilding their lives, and reconnecting with their families. For many of our wounded veterans, time away to rejuvenate is a luxury that is often unattainable and unaffordable. Their mission is to enable veterans of the United States Armed Forces recently wounded in combat operations to receive free lodgings donated by vacation homeowners.


What are the qualifications for eligibility?

As much as we appreciate all of the veterans who serve our country, as well as the veterans of our allies, constraints on homes available, funds, and staff necessitate that we limit our program to include only veterans of the United States Armed Services who are recipients of the Purple Heart Medal during the Afghanistan or Iraq Campaigns. All veterans must be well enough to travel to qualify for the program, and if discharged, must have proof of an Honorable Discharge.

What will my costs be?

The program provides veterans with free lodgings only. Veterans will be required to pay any refundable security deposits required by the vacation homeowners. Transportation costs, meals, and incidental costs are paid for by the individual veterans.

Am I guaranteed a vacation?

Vacations For Veterans is a charitable organization and operates to its maximum capacity, and therefore we cannot guarantee that each veteran will be offered a placement. We try to match the veteran’s needs and requests to the donor homes that we have available at the time.

How long is the stay?

Each veteran and his traveling party will receive one free week at a vacation home, based upon the homeowner’s rental week.

What happens if property damage occurs?
With regard to cleanliness and care, we expect the visiting family to respect the generosity of the vacation homeowner and care for the property as if it were their own. Each family is responsible for any damages that occur during their stay.

Can we bring the family pet?

Due to the increased possibility of damage due to a beloved family pet, Vacations For Veterans has a strict no pet policy in place. Special arrangements will be made for registered assistive animals.

Is proof of any kind required for eligibility?

Yes. You must prove that you have received the Purple Heart Medal in either the Afghanistan or Iraq Campaigns in order to qualify for our program.

If currently on active duty, we ask that you email, fax or mail the following documentation to us:

A copy of the page in your Service Record which denotes receipt of the Purple Heart Medal, or

A copy of the official letter that you received with Your Purple Heart Medal

If you have been discharged, we ask that you email, fax or mail the following documentation to us:

A copy of your DD 214 showing receipt of your Purple Heart Medal or

A copy of the official letter that you received with Your Purple Heart Medal

What does the application procedure consist of?

After submitting the Online Application Form, veterans fax or mail the remaining proper documents for acceptance to the program. Once the application is complete, we will contact the owners of the vacation homes chosen by the veterans. Once we have received approval by the homeowner, we will contact the veteran so that he or she may begin to make travel plans. We will at that time also give the veteran the pertinent contact information for the vacation home to enable them to finalize travel arrangements.

If you are a veteran who has received the Purple Heart Medal in the Afghanistan or Iraq Campaigns, and wish to apply for their program, please fill out the form on their web site and a member of their staff will contact you as soon as possible.

For any other questions, or if you are unsure if you qualify, please contact us at

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