I owe my success in the VA to a Master Chief who put in place a program of where your retirement/exit exam was a dual exam for the Navy and the VA. Thank God for that as I had no clue there was even a VA, much less how to apply. I was pretty much clueless in all areas. After I completed retirement and was home on the porch the VA sent me a letter telling me I had a compensation physical. They started me out at 10% then after a few years they changed it to 50%. Then after about 10 years I acquired Rheumatoid Arthritis and a few other things (all associated to the Hypothyroidism) and they upped it to 90%. A few years went by and wife #2 gave me an ultimatum either find some help for my anger (caused by depression)or else. So after I got some help in the VA the DAV filed for me to get 100% and was approved. Now I am looking for permanent & total. Along this journey I found you have to be patient, thorough, resourceful, and persistent. I also found some things that I did not know, such as the is an ongoing study for Vibration Syndrome. This is caused by Trucks, Helicopters, Pneumatic tools (deck grinders) and ships. Maybe that is why I can no longer operate a riding lawn mower. 


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Your Very Own Veteran ID Card

Veteran ID Card w/Picture
Veteran ID Card
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