Raising My VA Disability
Fellow Vets - I retired from the US Army in 1995 and was awarded 40% disability based on documented issues with my legs, both knees and left shoulder. Two years ago I requested an upgrade for my legs and was awarded 40% each "bilateral", bringing me up to 80%. I currently have 2 claims in with another soon to go in. I have learned a few things about VA claims: 1) Read and understand the VA's criteria for your claim 2) Get your claim letter in ASAP so that the clock starts (retroactive payments) - make it as comprehensive as you can but get it in 3) Get nexus letter(s) from "experts" - make sure they understand the importance of what they say 4) BE PATIENT WITH THE SYSTEM and DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Best to you all.

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Your Very Own Veteran ID Card

Veteran ID Card w/Picture
Veteran ID Card
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