VA Compensation
My active duty began in July 1961 and ended November 1991. I had a break from active duty June 1964 - September 1972, however I remained in the reserves. During my first tour of duty, I was assigned to Co. D 4th MTB, 68th Armor, we were attached to the 8th Infantry Division, billeted on Coleman Barracks, Mannheim, West Germany. We supported border patrol between FRG and the eastern Block. The unit remained on full alert for 30 months. We had many cold weather injuries. While JFK was President we set records for 50 mile speed marches, full gear. Tankers walking and running with full gear to set the records. Many received back, leg,foot and ankle injuries. 1972 - 1991 I was a Military Policeman and Criminal Investigator. I was assigned to USACIL from July 1978 until November 1991 as a Forensic Latent Print Examiner where I was exposed to blood infected with HIV, hepatitis and other blood borne infected diseases. We utilized known carcinogenic chemicals without proper personal equipment for the development of Latent Prints. I was a primary operator of a high watt argon-ion LASER (20 Watts) with a water chiller producing a high pitch noise, without ear protection. Fired military weapons without ear protection. Maintained physical fitness until I was medically boarded in 1979 for arthritis of the spine. 1984 - 1988 I was deployed to Frankfurt, FRG where we were exposed to fall out from Chernobyl. Exposure to DIOXINE at Fort AP HILL, VA and Fort McClelland, AL. Six weeks after retirement from active duty I receive treatment for Acute Gangrenous Cholecystitis. Jan. 2010 I was treated for prostate cancer. I have VA compensation for prostate cancer and arthritis, however the arthritis prevents me from working. My spinal Arthritis is from the base of my neck to my tail bone, left hip, left shoulder, left leg, both knees, both ankles and both hands. I have had abnormal Heart Rhythm since 1964. I was treated for emphysema/COPD/asthma coughing up blood numerous times while on active duty, 0% VA Compensation. I have battled the VA compensation boards since 1991 beginning at 30% and increased over the past 20 years and I am prepared to continue the battle as long as I live. Never give up the fight.

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