VA Compensation
I started back in 2007. I went to the VA in Beckley, WV to see if could received any benefits from the VA. After several months and no reply I called to find out what was going on.  They asked if i had received a letter, which I had not. Then they told me that my household income was to much and they could not help me. A few years before that I have gone to the local Vet Center in Princeton, WV and was asked alot of questions about my time in the Army. I was working then and working now. I should have stayed the course and work with the Vet Center and the people there but I thought I was to busy to take the time to work with them. After the Va said no to me I went back to the Vet Center. With there help I was able to get 40% on PTSD. I was drafted in 1969 and was in Vietnam 70-71 with the 3/187TH INF 101ST at Camp Evans. I did not have a (11) MOS but supply (76). At first my duty was routine but all that change in a few weeks. Up and down QL1 and HYW 9. Back and forth to several Fire Bases. There was a lot of stuff going on and if you were in Vietnam and were at certain place you know what I mean about things going on. Curt at the Vet Center had me write a letter to the VA about my life growing up, my Army life and life after Vietnam. After several years of not giving up and finally knowing that I have PTSD and have had it since 1971 the VA is helping me with this problem. I'm at 80% but with the funny math its at 70%. You Vets know what this is about. I took about a year for the VA to get back to me on the 40% and its 2012 now and I'm at 70%.To me Vietnam was a hell of an experience and if you are having problems with it go to a Vet Center and get some help. I think some Vietnam Vets have crossed over from there time in Vietnam but I haven't. Everyday there is something that puts you right back there in the thick of it. Don't wait another day to get some help. It will be the best thing you can do.

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