Disability Combat Related
First, tell the truth, no embellishments. Don’t hire a lawer you don’t need one. Use the VFW as a rep, they have paid employees who are experts. Use the VA or Military Hospitals for your care whenever possible , they are easy to document.  If near a base go to the RSO9 Retired Service Office). If disapproved once do it again with more real evidence. Presumptive conditions are the easiest to pass through (see the VA manual). This may take over a year as there are a million claims on Backload you can check for your area by calling the toll free number. When you speak to a counselor on the phone be polite and truthful, they are a go between not the person signing the claim. When you have a medical appointment at C&P be early, be truthful, these Doctors can spot a phony. Your payment will be from the date of claim even if it takes twelve months or longer. Agree to treatment it may help you in the long run especially with PTSD. Log on to E-Benefits.VA.Gov this is a great tool for your claim. This works I am an example.

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