How I Got My 100%
I started working for the Post Office in 1979 as a letter carrier. I started seeing a private psychiatrist in Feb 1982. After 4 years, he finally talked me into going to the VA stating I had PTSD. The Post Office released me from duty on 14 Sep 86 with 100% disability due to my PTSD. I immediately became homeless. The Social Security Administration determined that I was 100% disabled due to PTSD from 1986, but did not pay me any money due to my receiving my Postal disability. I went to the VA in Murfreesboro, TN in 1987 and was given a Vietnamese Psychiatrist. I kept asking for an American one, but was refused. The psychologist diagnosed me as a malingerer and told me that there was nothing wrong with me and to go back to work at the Post Officer. I continued to be homeless until the end of 1993 when a friend found me a job working for Teldata Corp. doing telecomunications for Target stores. On 3 Apr 98, I quit work and became homeless again until 7 Jan 1991 when I volunteered for Operation Desert Storm. After being release from active duty, I became homeless again. I went to the VA and applied for 100% disability due to my PTSD and received a letter stating "we have no evidence" that I had PTSD. I moved in with my cousin in Salt Lake City, UT in 2001. I became homeless again in 2002. I moved to Palm Harbor, FL and lived with a friend and started going to Bay Pines VA Medical Center. I was given a foreign psychiatrist. I kept asking for an American doctor, but was refused. I kept filing for 100% disability and was finally given 40%. After a few years of seeing her, I quit going. I applied for Independant Living and was not approved. I kept after them until I finally got a letter from my counselor stating that the VA had "no evidence" that I needed a computer system. I asked for a release of information and was given 2 letters from private counselors stating that a computer would help me. I finally got my 100% total and permanent disability from the VA plus a computer system and wood working tools that are too big for me to use. I also feel that the VA should give me back pay to 1986, as I am diagnosed as having permanent and total disability due to PTSD. I haven't done anything different than I have over the years. I have a whole stack of letters from the VA stating "we have no evidence" due to my PTSD. I don't understand why I get it now and am afraid they will take it back anytime they want to.

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