Initial Release Date:  October 19, 2010                                       
SUBJ:  Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) Calculator                                                
This fast letter provides regional offices (RO) with procedural guidance on the mandatory usage of the SMC Calculator.                                          
The SMC Calculator was developed as an Innovation Initiative by the San Diego RO in response to President Obama's challenge to streamline VA's claims process.  Based on disabilities input by the user, the Calculator determines the appropriate SMC entitlement and provides guidance through applicable regulations to reach the total level of SMC.  The Calculator is a stand-alone tool and not currently linked to RBA 2000.  It is designed to provide accurate codes for SMC awards, SMC paragraphs, and possible ancillary benefits based on the current law (last changed on December 26, 2007).  The decision maker will use the information derived from the Calculator as a worksheet to transpose into RBA 2000.                                    
On June 28 and 29, 2010, RBA 2000 super users were trained on using the SMC  Calculator and tasked to train all Decision Review Officers and Rating Veterans Service Representatives at their individual ROs.                          
Effective the date of this fast letter, all ROs are required to use the SMC Calculator to determine the appropriate SMC codes and SMC paragraphs (in all cases of multiple SMC entitlements that require a calculation) to input into RBA 2000.                                                 
Each decision maker will be required to print the worksheet and file it in the claims folder.                         
Questions concerning this fast letter should be directed to your Veterans Service Officer (VSO).

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