Essentially congress wrote a check by passing a popular (needed) law to create the VA without providing the funds to back it up. IMO the VA created policies in an attempt to deal with that circumstance which are contrary to the law and the spirit of the law. They have usurped our congress and made their policies sovereign above the law. The word for that is "tyranny." Think I'm being too harsh? During my claim process the VA has blown off six congressional inquiries typically by ignoring the content of the congress person's letter and responding with some unassociated drivel. This would include a 50+ page line by line inquiry of my various submitted records compared to their awful excuses for decisions. Very often their decisions are contrary to what their own rating doctors state. Of course my all time favorite was being denied for a completely unrelated condition that I did not submit for while the condition I did submit for was never addressed. The expanse between what they say and what they do is getting larger over time as they fall farther and farther behind. This is both a good and a bad thing. Bad for the current ongoing claims, but good because maybe it'll get so bad that when a Vet tries to explain the endless trail of BS the listener's response will be other than that glazed over eyes of disbelief look. I wish you all the best with this one last parting piece of advice. Try not to take it personal. If you're in the compensation grist mill your life is probably falling apart in lots of different ways so that will be tougher than it sounds. You're in for it to be sure. Get a handle on that and drive on, and don't let the VA mess with your head so much that you run away and give up cause that's what they want/wish/and hope for. Me thinks a better plan is to overwhelm them by insisting on justice for our sakes and Veterans to come. You can do that by filing a just claim and letting the VA crush itself under the mountain of papers and backlog that their own subterfuge creates!  What ever you do don't run away! If chasing off vets hadn't worked so well in the past the VA wouldn't be still trying so hard to get away with it now. So dig in and slog it out however long it takes.

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