Don’t Ever Give Up!


I am a Vietnam vet rated 100% permanent and total for ptsd, by the va.   Although I had a lawyer provided by a veterans service organization, due to his heavy workload, I pretty much had to do all the legwork to get my claim properly prepared and presented to the va.  This included having Nancy Pelosi, my representative in congress.  Long story short, I found stressor letters to be very effective in describing the situations in which vets were affected by what they did, saw, and felt by what they experienced being in country.  I wish you all success in your claims. You paid for it, you earned it, and you got it coming.  In-action, delays and stalling has been the history of the va.  Don't give up, don't ever give up.  You gave a part of who you were to your country.  That part of you that you lost, you can never get back, but your benefits can at lease ease some of you and your family's burden.

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