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Home Depot Controversy 
May 12, 2020

By Allan Lane


After verifying veteran status, the DMV in 50 states plus PR and Washington DC has embossed Veterans ID’s on newly issued licenses.  Why isn’t my license with my veterans ID accepted at Home Depot? Drivers Licenses are the most recognized form of identification in anyone’s wallet...why doesn’t Home Depot accept it? Lowe’s accepts this ID at every location I have shopped at. The last thing the cashier says to me as I exit the store is “Thank you for your service.”  When I present my license at Home Depot the last thing the cashier says as I exit the store is “We don’t accept that form of ID.”

Why do you [Home Depot] turn potential customers away from your facilities? I’m sure Lowe’s approves of your business strategy.










I’d like to see Home Depot reconsider their position on the use of Drivers Licenses as a form of veteran ID so that I can return to Home Depot as a loyal customer.

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David Hill, 1/1/21

I now spend my money at Lowe's or my local True value stores.  At Lowe's I have a (My Lowes card) which is convenient for many reasons.  It shows that I'm Veteran plus keeps track of all my purchases, making returns easy.  I have stop going to Home depots. They say they support Veterans but I've found it not to be true.


James Smith, 12/8/20

Where my cabin is they will not honor my DL w/ Vet status, but where I live they always do.   I spend between 40k to 50k a year between Home Depot and Lowe's, I wish Arthur Blank would rethink this.


Joan DeGroat, 11/21/20
SHAME on Home Depot! My husband is a Naval veteran. He was in Vietnam. Just because he didn't stay in, no more discounts?  I will never step foot in Home Depot again!!


Michael Jahns, 10/25/20

I see some of you don't have a VA card because you don't want to use their services. I understand that but you don't need to use their services to get their card. Just go to the closest VA and go to the elegibility office with you DD 214 and last years Tax return if you have one. They need that to put you in a category on income from 1-7 just in case you do use them. They will then take your picture and you will have your ID card the same day or some places will mail it to you. Once you have the card, that's all you need. You never have to go there for anything. You are in their system in case you need to but you don't have to ever use their services.


Alfonse Liguori, 9/30/20
Why not recognize a drivers license as proof of being a veteran.


Chad L., 9/28/20

Home Depot also requires that you prove that you are service connected in order to receive their discount. If your VA card doesn't say that, no discount. Which I think is very intrusive and bull****.  Not every veteran is service connected, I am, but I still think it's bull**** to do that. I stopped shopping there because they don't support every veteran, just the ones who are service connected, which is really just for the VA to use, not privately owned stores, my medical history is none of their business, even if that's them wanting to know if I'm service connected.


Elaine Burrows, 9/24/20
Why don't you write a letter to the store in question AND to their HQ? I have done that in the past when the contractor I contracted via Home Depot did a lousy job installing kitchen tile, I sent a copy to the store in question AND to their HQ. I actually sent it to the CEO, CFO and a couple other people who hold department head status or higher. Yes, I got results really fast and my kitchen tile was fixed (different installer). Afterwards for the next 12 months or so every time I walked into Home Depot EVERYONE knew I had written a 7 pg letter concerning the kitchen project. If all you do is complain about an issue and NEVER bring it up to the store manager (doesn't always work with them) and to the HQ then, as my husband would say, you have nothing to complain about. Yes it is time consuming to write/type a letter but I can tell you, you will typically get results after sending a copy of the letter to H/D HQ AND the store manager and employees will be informed about the letter and with luck training will be done and in some cases the actual policy will be redone. It does work, you just have to make sure the people who can change things are NOT the employees checking you out or working on the floor they are the department heads and CEO of Home Depot who can actually change a policy or directive.


Bob Bowman, 9/16/20

Yes, it is frustrating at Lowe's to register but they are doing the same thing Home Depot does by verifying your Veteran status. Once verified with Lowes's, you only need show give your registered phone number or show ID .


Roger Johnson, 9/9/20
I had a complete opposite experience. I showed the Lowe's employee my Military ID and she told me that I had to register on line to get the Military discount. Home Depot might ask for proof maybe 1 out of 10 trips. It is for this reason, and this reason only that I only shop at Home Depot.


Juan Garcia, 8/6/20

Another issue I will like to add to the Home Depot (H/D) ID issue with some employee, is that there is a lot of inconsistency and lack of training/knowledge from higher Management to the lower level employees about Veteran status or which ID is good, and which is not! Some H/D employees tell Veterans regarding the use of Veteran discount(s), one thing today and another day they tell Veterans something else! Why? We are Veterans 24/7, 365 days a year, so why the H/D employees continue to flip flop with Veterans on this matter, when ever they assume one Veteran is not entitled, but others are entitled? Bottom line, employees are not consistent and this has to stop from happening at the HOME DEPOT STORES. It is an embarrassment and humiliation to our Veterans. I think a letter should be addressed the Home Depot Corporate Office on behalf of our Nations Veterans with the complaint so that ALL H/D employees are briefed and trained on the matter, in order to stop humiliating our Nations Veterans, and I mean across the Nation, so that all H/D employees are well informed, are consistent with the messaging or language across the board, are on the same sheet of music with ALL Veterans and All Veterans are treated EQUALLY at ALL Home Depot stores.


Henry Van Leer, 6/11/20

I have been in my local Lowes 2 times. Both times I had a problem finding anyone for help. I have never had problems at Home Depot.


Chuck Demkowicz, 6/2/20

Soon you can add Lowes to the list of A-holes, not accepting a state verified vets driver license . I tried lowes web site to register.  Good luck with that. They want you to give them a copy of your dd214 to their web site. As soon as I loose my 10% vet discount , its good by lowes---hello Ace.


James Johnson, 5/30/20
It depends on which store you go to, which day of the week, and sometimes which clerk. To say that there is no consistency is to say that is the only thing that is consistent. I spend six years in the service, but have been told by one store and the home office HR department that only retired military with 20 years, or preferably active duty military are honored.They say "thanks for your service" but don't really mean it - and I will not beg for a discount - I will not purchase another damn thing at Home Depot - Lowe's will get all of my purchases - they say it and they mean it.


Charles Martin, 5/22/20

As a retired military and disabled veteran, I thank everybody for the service they have given to our great country. But at Home Depot you must be active duty, retired or VA disabled. I would like to see Home Depot change it's policy to be more like Lowe's . Again thank everybody for their service.


Patrick Spears, 5/22/20

My experience with The Home Depot has been inconsistent at best. From one store to another, either all items are discounted no questions, to only certain items (rarely advertised) are discounted. Most times, I wouldn't know what was discounted until everything was rung up. And most times, if I didn't present my retired ID before the first item was scanned, the cashier wouldn't accept. Finally I got tired of the inconsistency. After everything was rand up, and I saw the total, well over $5000, I showed my ID. I received the response that the entire transaction would have to be cancelled and started over. I said "Well, you're going to have to cancel it anyway" and walked away. Haven't been back since. With Lowe's, once I provided proof of service, all I have to do is show/scan my MyLowes card, and everything is discounted.


Juan Garcia, 5/22/20
I hear you folks and understand your concerns with Lowes or Home Depot, in my view and recommendation to all, the easiest way to resolve the back and fort with our Veteran status is by showing your Military ID. I keep it in my wallet all the time like my License and other ID's, do not sweat the small stuff folks!


Tommy Davis, 5/22/20
I had a problem with on line orders they would not give me my discount because of the on line order,I went to the store and made my on line order, the clerk told me they don?t give the discount only in store purchases well I made purchases in the store online on there computer so is that consider in store purchases.


Margaret Shappee, 5/15/20
My experience is just the opposite, Home Depot has accepted my veterans status just by asking, no form of ID has been asked for. Lowes on the other hand require you to apply via their web site and scan a copy of my DD214 to prove I am a veteran. I only wish Home Depot could figure out a way to accept my veteran status while shopping on line for curb side pick-up.


Clifton Davidson, 5/14/20
I agree with you, if your VA card don't say service connected they want accept it, that means you where hurt.  I did sixteen and can't get it. MY DRIVERS LICENSE SAYS VET. /DD214.


Glen Barker, 5/13/20

I have three forms of Id and they tell me the same thing that Mr. Talbert said.


Robert Hennes, 5/12/20
I only go to Home Depot as a last resort.


Thomas Talbert, 5/12/20

Home Depot tells me my Veterans ID must have Service Connected in order to get a discount. Mine does so I do.


John De Vous, 5/12/20

Hello, I'm retired military, US Army, and I can tell you why Home Depot does not accept your DL Veteran ID. Home Depot has decided to only honor full time and retired military members, year round, 24/7 discount and only offer the discount to the remainder of veterans on military holidays only. I must show my retired military ID at Home Depot but not at Lowe's, where my phone number suffices. Also, Home Depot does not honor any veteran discount, me included, on special sale items, like their big appliance sales, while Lowe's does, so I buy my appliances there. Home Depot also does not honor any veteran discounts on internet purchases, while here again Lowe's does. Lowe's was founded by two veterans and is very pro military, the reason I shop there. I find Lowe's to be very veteran friendly, while Home Depot seems to only give the discount grudgingly, so all my veteran friends avoid Home Depot, if a Lowe's is nearby. Sometimes only Home Depot is available, within a reasonable commute, so you are stuck dealing with them and their rules. I hope this clarifies things.


James Davidson, 5/12/20

I have NEVER had a problem with Home Depot, ANYWHERE. I suspect your situation is unique to the store you are shopping at. Lowes, on the other hand, is not always user friendly. You have to appear in their system. Fortunately, you can do this online. You will want to update your credentials soon. Our last trip through there generated a reminder we had to update our information. it only took a couple of minutes and you get a coupon good towards a future purchase (you cannot use both the coupon and the veteran discount for th same purchase).


Curt Timm, 5/12/20

Home Depot in Pace also doesn't give discounts on Electrical, lumber, and some other "commodity" items. HD certainly doesn't respect the veteran. Lowe's is my store!!


David Laws, 5/12/20

I respect those that made military service a career. I have many friends and family who have. The minimum any veteran can serve is 8 years. That can be a combination of active and reserve time. Even though I served only 6 1/2 years, I served during two wars. It's not the length of time that should be honored. Every veteran should be honored for their service. It takes only a moment for a life to be sacrificed for our country. I love Lowe's. They get that. Several other companies do also. Home Depot can keep their policy, and I will just keep shopping at Lowe's. I have a Home Depot card. It mostly just collect dust. Veterans we are all one regardless the length of our service.


Curtis Rich, 5/12/20
I stopped shopping at Home Depot because they do not give a discount on certain items that I bought. Never had a problem with Lowes, so i do all my business there from now on.


Joe Herrera, 5/12/20

In my area Home Depot it's a carp shoot. One checker will gladly accept my veteran ID and give me a discount,,,and the next day at the same store another checker will tell me "we don't accept that",and I will NOT get the discount......BUT, if you read the official HD discount policy for veterans, you will read veterans discounts are only offered on certain days of the year......So it's a hit and miss discount at HD....I do most of my shopping at Lowes where I get a discount everyday by showing them my ID indicating I am a veteran, or by presenting the bar code Lowes sent to me, when I registered on their site as a veteran.......I'll go to HD only when the item(s) I'm needing are not available at Lowes, or the price at HD is MUCH lower than what I'd be paying at Lowes after the discount.....if the difference is pennys,,,I'll go to Lowes.











Geoff USMC, 5/12/20

Many times over they had denied my driver's license as a form of ID to prove my military service. I've tried it on those 3-4 days of the year that we are allowed to get the discount and gut the same answer...."We don't accept that form.....only a VA".  Well there I don't have a VA card because I don't plan on going there. My ID is from my state and my status of being a Veteran was verified....State and Federal.   Absolutely done with Home Depot anyways. Orders are wrong, customer service is more than questionable.  I've found Lowe's and in my home state Menards take care of me very well.  I appreciate the discount but more do great customer service.  Semper Fi!


Ronald Venella, 5/12/20
I would also like for Home Depot allow the Veterans discount on online orders as Lows does for their Veterans discount.


John Todd, 5/12/20

I been shopping at Lowes forever. They treat you right every time. Home Depot only discounts the first $500. I just spent $4300 and got a discount on all of it.


John Deasy, 5/12/20

All the Home Depots I've shopped in, in Pennsylvania, New York and Florida have accepted the Veteran symbol on my license for the Veterans discount. I'd bring this up to their boss or above.


James Szafarek, 5/12/20

Home Depot won't accept my DD-214 as proof of service either! Lowes did without hesitation. I will not shop at Home Depot now because of this slight!


B. Tanis, 5/12/20

Lowe's has always been friendlier to veterans. They even have designated parking spots reserved for us. They also have a way to verify veteran status while signing up online. I live in Pennsylvania where it's very easy to get "veteran status" printed on your license. While getting a new photo taken, there is a check box that asks if you are a veteran. Anyone can check this box without any verification. I was shocked how easy it was, and also concerned. Home depot realizes this and that's why they don't accept it as verification. Home Depot also only offers discounts to veterans on certain days of the year, Memorial day, 4th of July, Veterans day, etc. Lowes gives 10% off everyday for veterans who have registered online. I find it very patriotic and appreciative that Lowes recognizes our veterans everyday, they even give their employees who are veterans a special vest to signify their service to our country. For these reasons I no longer shop at Home Depot. Service men and women serve everyday of the year, not just patriotic holidays therefore if Home Depot wants to recognize our sacrifices, they should be recognized every day of the year. Thank you Lowes for your support of our veterans.












Alfred Romo, 5/12/20
Very unfair.


Jeffrey Boyles, 5/12/20

Same happened to me in Venice Fla...screw them.. they lose customers..and scam anyway.


David Weaver, 5/12/20

As a Vietnam Veteran and a 30 years career in law enforcement I also appreciate any discount I might get. But I also do not expect companies to give me a discount. When I go into any place of business I always take enough money to pay full price. There are thousands and thousands of people out there that claim to be veterans so they can get a discount and those same people never wore a uniform or served our country in any way. So the next time you go shopping thank that business if they give you a discount and If they don't next time just shop where the business does give a discount!!!












Albert Faulkner, 5/12/20

This is why I shop at Lowe's 99% of the time.


Lorisa Pinder, 5/12/20

I work as a cashier at Home Depot in Nevada and we accept that form of ID for veterans, my husband is a 26 year veteran and I tell my customers that are veterans but don?t carry their va card that they can go to the dmv and get the endorsement on the DL. Not sure why a store would not accept it. I would speak to the manager of the store.


Dave Chapdelaine, 5/12/20

Let's get something straight: Home Depot DOES honor veterans for their discount on certain holidays and times of the year: Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans Day and a few others with a non-military ID. They give discounts everyday to active duty, Guard and Reserve members and retired military, if you have a military ID. This is a good policy and a good benefit for those serving and those who put in many years to retire; someone who only put in a short time can't and shouldn't expect to get the same benefits. If you work at a company for 20 or more years you get more benefits than someone who only works a short time there but both get some benefits of varying degrees. The same applies here. It's a good policy and I hope they stick to it.


Greg Kaiser, 5/12/20

I use my license to display my vet status at Home Depot in Atlanta 3-4 times a week. I have never had a problem. Lowe's, on the other hand, does not accept the license. You have to have attached your vet status proof to your Lowes card.


Charles Stapleton, 5/12/20

Home Depot's policy is to give a discount on purchases up to $500 only to service connected disabled veterans throughout the year but not on catalog orders. Other veterans only on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day. Lowe's policy is to give all veterans a 10% discount on all purchases (no upper limit) even catalog orders (you have to take your receipt to customer service for discount refund.) They recently changed their policy to exclude a discount on items already on sale for 10% or more off the regular price. Personally, I support all my fellow veterans and refuse to shop at Home Depot.


John Doherty, 5/12/20

I wouldn't buy a thumbtack at Home Depot.  Boycott.


James Duszynski, 5/12/20

I just made my first and last purchase at Home Depot. I was made to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get my Veterans discount. Lowes knows how to treat the Veterans, I will make my purchases there.


John Grunseth, 5/12/20

It's my understanding that Home Depot gives discounts when you present a VA ID card that shows you have a service related disability.