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DBQ Preparation Letter Request

Request DBQ Preparation Letter

PLEASE READ:  The Disability Preparation Letter request is sent to your primary care physician or medical staff member informing him/her that you are in need of a completed DBQ form at your next office visit.  The letter is prepared and sent by USVCP staff on your behalf.  USVCP makes no guarantee that your primary care physician or medical staff member will complete the requested DBQ form, and will not be held liable in the event the DBQ request is not honored by your primary care physican.  By completing form below you agree with all terms and conditions for the DBQ Preparation Letter Request and will not hold USVCP responsible for any medical professional who does not complete DBQ form accurately,and timely.


Note:  This free service is for USVCP members only.  Make sure you input your USVCP member number in the form below.